5 Signs It Is Time to Quit Your Job

Being Your Own Boss Might Be the Answer

As we roll into a new decade, it might be the perfect time to evaluate if you’re happy in your current career. New year, new me often brings about thoughts about improving one’s life and wondering, “should I quit my job?” Many people in the workforce are tired and fed up with their jobs. Determining if leaving your current job is the right thing to do takes a lot of consideration – are you happy and fulfilled? Do you have a plan for what you’ll do next? Is it financially responsible? Lots of things go into making the final decision but if you’re still feeling out whether or not the job you have right now is right for you, here are five signs it might be time to look for a new opportunity.

Bad Leadership

A bad leader never made for better employees. If your boss isn’t someone you respect, learn from, admire, and want to serve, then it might be time to pack your stuff and look for the next opportunity. Bad leadership is rampant in the business world. In fact, a Gallup poll revealed that only 18% of managers have adequate skills in managing other people! That means the majority of bosses out there simply don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care to learn. Bad leadership trickles down and flows up in any business environment. Employees become unmotivated to do their jobs effectively under bad bosses, which in turn, creates a scenario that doesn’t allow the company to flourish. Working under someone that doesn’t know how to manage you, or even worse, makes your job harder or less enjoyable isn’t a sustainable situation. If you look at your boss and think, “should I quit my job?” you might already have the answer.

Company Isn’t Growing

This tell-tale sign that it’s time to move on is directly connected with bad leadership. That doesn’t mean that EVERY company that doesn’t grow or fails is a victim of bad bosses. However, if you notice that your current company isn’t thriving, it might be time to look for a new gig. Not every business has to grow exponentially throughout its life – that wouldn’t be sustainable. But if the company you work for has been stagnant for years with opportunity for growth, then that could be a bad sign. Maybe there’s bad leadership, maybe the marketing and sales teams aren’t doing their jobs, maybe morale is down, or maybe the product or service simply isn’t that great – whatever the case may be, if the company isn’t growing then neither are you.

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The Passion is Gone

Not every job will be your dream job, but you should still have a desire to do well and find enjoyment in your work. Do you dread walking into the building every day? Spend most of your day looking at memes or simply fantasizing about being anywhere else? If you’ve checked out and the passion is gone, don’t waste your time. Life is too short to stay in a job or environment you hate. While you might not be able to cut ties today, you should start making a plan for what will bring you happiness in your career. Once you figure out what you want to do, start putting things into place to make the transition from an undesirable situation to where you want to be even easier. Set goals for yourself. Get a mentor. Create a vision board. Whatever it takes to get you out of your terrible job – do that!

Your Life is Suffering

“Should I quit my job?” shouldn’t be a question if your life or health are suffering as a result of your employment. Granted, staying late at the office a few times a month isn’t the end of the world, but if your boss expects you to put in extra hours every single day and you’ve forgotten what the sun looks like – get out. In this country, personal sacrifice and hard work are rewarded socially but usually not monetarily in the business world. You may be conditioned to go the extra mile but if that extra mile turns into a marathon and you’re not being rewarded through promotion, it could be time to find a new opportunity that does reward your dedication.

You Want to be Self-Sufficient

Are you tired of depending on someone else to sign your paychecks? If you’ve been working for someone else for most of your career but have always dreamed of being your own boss, you might already have the answer to “should I quit my job?” There’s nothing quite like being self-sufficient when it comes to your career. Owning your own business is both challenging and rewarding and gives you the opportunity to put your success in your own hands. Fortunately, there are many avenues to owning your own business, so whatever your dream or passion might be you can fulfill it.

Many people dream of owning their own business but don’t know where to begin. From independent operations to nationwide franchises, there’s something for everyone when it comes to being your own boss and the best part is you may not even need experience in the industry to get into business in it! For example, the Supercuts franchise allows people with little to no experience in hair care the opportunity to own a business and be their own boss. The franchise has figured out a recipe for success and provides an ideal roadmap for any ambitious entrepreneur.

If you’re Googling “how to know if I should quit my job,” you might have already answered the question. But don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities for your next venture right around the corner!

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