Busting Myths About Becoming a Supercuts Franchise Owner

It’s Easier Than You Think!

Many people looking to open their own business consider franchising as a category, but choosing the right concept can often be a struggle. If you’re thinking about owning and opening a Supercuts, you’re already ahead of the game.

People will always need haircuts, and running a Supercuts franchise gives owners access to a booming $42 billion-dollar industry. One that is largely protected from economic ups and downs. Needing experience in hair care is just one of the many myths we’ve heard about owning a Supercuts franchise. But what else out there isn’t true? Here are some common myths regarding owning one of our franchises.

There’s Too Much Competition

Did you know that the hair care industry is still around 70% comprised of independent salons? It’s true! While there are lots and lots of salons out in the marketplace, Supercuts is unique. As a franchise hair care location, you have the backing of a known brand, an expected experience, and customer trust. If you’re looking to get into the hair care industry, opening a franchise also provides you with additional guidance and support for success. Opening an independent location means you’re responsible for everything – building your brand, hiring staff, marketing your services. When you open a Supercuts franchise, you have support at every step along your path to success.

There’s No Innovation

Often, when people think of franchises, they assume there’s little innovation to benefit from. However, the opposite is true. When you’re running an independent business, you may not have the resources available to explore new technologies, training, or practices. As part of the Supercuts franchise, you have the backing of a large organization. Supercuts understands that constantly innovating is the best way to stay at the top of their game and that is passed along to you as a franchisee, too. Between business intelligence, data collection and analysis, cash management and security practices, mobile app convenience, and more, you’ll have access to the latest and greatest to help your business thrive. Creating better experiences for your clients keeps them coming back and that’s what Supercuts franchises focus on through technological innovation.

Known Brand Doesn’t Matter

Many people who want to get into business ownership may shy away from franchises as they think a recognizable brand doesn’t matter. However, having built-in support for marketing efforts and a known brand name behind your business is much more beneficial for success. Consumers actually prefer the comfort of a recognized brand when it comes to things like hair care. You never know what kind of service and product you might get when going into a new salon. However, franchises like Supercuts take away that unknown variable. Across the brand, consumers receive the same experience and the same result each and every time. Having that consistent experience makes customers more willing to try a new Supercuts location instead of gambling on an independent salon.

There are myriad benefits to owning a Supercuts franchise – chief among them being the support and brand recognition that comes with the package. Even if you’ve never worked in a salon and have no hair care industry experience, you could get started owning your own salon today! Contact us to find out how.

Are you thinking about opening your own business?