Buying an Existing Business: Regis Corporation Offers Strategic Resale Opportunity

Why buying in is good business

Are you a savvy business owner who’s been looking to expand their portfolio but don’t want the hassle of building from the ground up? You have options! Sometimes, even opening a franchise from the beginning can be more than you want to take on. However, did you know there are existing franchises for sale through the Regis Corporation? Buying an existing business comes with a variety of benefits including:

  • There’s an existing infrastructure in place.
  • The business has already been running.
  • You can step into an immediate revenue stream.
  • There is an existing brand that people know and trust.
  • It comes with a portfolio of existing customers.

Running your own business can be endlessly rewarding, but figuring out how to start and being successful at it is oftentimes the most challenging part. When buying an existing business, you bypass much of the stress and worry that goes along with process and get to immediately making money!

Are You Qualified?

Before you start researching for the perfect existing franchise for sale, you should make sure that you’re qualified to in fact buy it. Many organizations, like Regis Corporation, have a variety of requirements for potential franchisees. When partnering with such a well-known brand, they want to make sure that you’ll succeed and uphold their brand promise.

The minimum requirements for anyone looking to buy an existing business are:

  • Must have $1 Million net worth; $250k liquid
  • The potential franchisee must live in, or near the available units
  • They must have strong management and leadership skills, with a solid business understanding

It’s likely that if you’re interested in owning your own business, you have at least one of these requirements already met! Regis Corporation is a global leader in the salon business and becoming a franchisee for them provides you with access to some of the best training, comprehensive support, and market reach across the globe. It’s no wonder why they specifically look for people that they know can be successful at buying an existing business and helping it thrive.

Why Should You Buy Into Supercuts?

Beyond the fact that buying an existing business comes with a host of benefits, there are reasons that franchisees should focus on creating Supercuts franchises out of these exiting businesses. Supercuts is a top franchise opportunity, and for good cause. No matter what the economy does, people still need haircuts. And, furthermore, during a downturn people are looking for more economic haircuts. The Supercuts franchise offers a stable way for savvy business owners to enjoy economic freedom. It’s a smart business move!

Additionally, electing to buy an existing business and turn it into a Supercuts means that you’ve put another name into the national advertising fund. Adding to the number of Supercuts franchises in existence raises all of them! This award-winning brand also provides ample room for growth and multi-franchise ownership opportunity. The sky is the limit and you already have a leg up when you opt for buying an existing business.

Who Does It Work For?

Investing in an existing franchise for sale isn’t the right fit for everyone. For example, if you’re a first-time business owner, you may want to go through the process of opening your own business from the ground up. This gives you the ability to go and learn at your own pace. When you opt for buying an existing business, you’re jumping right into the deep end. You’ll experience the most success if you already have business experience.

This fit is the best for those that have experience in business and know how to run a franchise. Navigating the changes that go along with business ownership, as well as being knowledgeable in staffing and retention, recruiting, and more provide legitimacy as a new owner. First-time business owners will simply lack a lot of knowledge that goes with running a successful business and they need to learn that through the process of building from the ground up.

If you’re looking for new business opportunities and have thought about owning a franchise, or already do, contact us today!

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