Tips on How to Keep Calm When Opening Your First Franchise

Don’t Panic About on Opening Day

Opening your own business can be stressful. Figuring out how to open a franchise is the first step in a sometimes stress-inducing but ultimately rewarding endeavor. Once you get your feet under you, you’re working towards grand opening day – which can bring about a whole new set of stressors on its own. Many business owners are incredibly task oriented and keep their noses to the grindstone when it comes to following the path toward getting the doors of their business opened. But once grand opening day rolls around, they begin to panic. From nerves about whether their business will succeed to ensuring everything is perfect down to the last detail, grand opening day can be overwhelming for some.

Trust the Work

You put a lot of work into getting to opening day, right? Trust the work that you put in to take you to the finish line and beyond successfully. Remember that you’ve followed the process outlined by your franchisor and up until this point (opening day), you’ve made sure all your ducks were in a row. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished thus far and take peace in the fact that you’ve set yourself and your business up to be successful. Figuring out how to open a franchise is tough, but you did it and you’re finally ready to open the doors to the public. Reflect on where you’ve been and what you’re excited about accomplishing in the future to calm yourself down. You’ve earned this grand opening!

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If you get to opening day and start to panic, reach out to your franchisor or other franchisees within the organization for support. Your franchisor wants opening day to go well and for you to be successful. If you need a little pep talk, reach out to them so they can review what you’ve done and assuage your fears. They’ll be able to talk you through standards and protocol that will ensure your opening day goes as planned. From posters to prizes and everything in between, they’ll have advice on what to do. Additionally, ask for some franchisee contacts who’ve been where you are and can give you helpful tips to prepare for grand opening day. Talking it through with someone who’s done it before you will ease your mind and make your day go even more smoothly. They’ll be able to tell you what worked and what didn’t so you can benefit from their trial and error.

Set Reasonable Goals

Opening the doors of your business to the public can feel like a gamble. Will you have a rush on day one? Will no one show up? Not being able to predict how your business will flow in the beginning days can be incredibly stressful. Setting reasonable, achievable goals for your business in the first few weeks will allow you to ensure that you’re on track and also give you a sense of accomplishment and success. Think about things that you have control over and focus on that. The first few weeks of business being open isn’t a make or break moment, but you can get valuable information to make some changes if needed and set yourself up for long-term success.

Figuring out how to open a franchise and run a successful business is stressful enough. Don’t panic once you’re at the finish line and have already put in the work! Take this time to revel in what you’ve accomplished and prepare yourself for the success ahead.

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