The Top 3 Qualities That Make For a Successful Franchise Owner

When you’re thinking about becoming a franchise owner, what you really want to do is be successful. You’re preparing to put your heart, sweat, and money into owning your own business and determining the franchise success rate of your particular venture beforehand is probably a top priority on your to-do list. Having a successful franchise doesn’t just lie within the brand itself. As a franchise owner, you’ll need certain qualities to succeed in owning your own business. While you don’t necessarily have to have any experience in the industry that you’re opening a franchise in, you do need to have some business-minded characteristics to succeed.


As in nearly anything in life, mindset in business owning makes all the difference. You’re starting and operating your own business and it can be challenging. Understanding that you will likely face challenges and have to adapt to unexpected situations is crucial. You’ll probably need to learn new skills along the way and learn new processes in order to make your business the most efficient, profitable, and successful that you can. Understanding and anticipating that you’ll need to roll with the punches as a franchise business owner can save you from failure. While you’ll have some support from your franchisor, it’s still on you to solidify your franchise success rate. Having the right mindset going into this journey will make the difference.


Businesses require input of energy, knowledge, and skill, as well as funds to keep the company operating especially while it is growing. Having a realistic expectation of how much funding you’ll need to not only start your business but push it along, especially in the very early stages is critical to success. It’s likely that if you’re opening a franchise, your franchisor has provided a proforma income statement and other financial instruments to help you plan for what capital you’ll truly need. However, in addition, you will want to plan for a worst-case scenario. Money planning when going into business can make you or break you. You can have all the other top qualities that promote a great franchise success rate, but if you run out of funding none of it matters.


Just like rolling with the punches, in business, sometimes you have to get creative to make it work – whatever it may be. We aren’t saying you need to be the next Picasso but being able to think on your feet and come up with creative solutions to problems is key in running any business. Following the outlined franchise system is important but also understand that each market has its own idiosyncrasies. If you are among the only franchisees in your market, you may have to get creative in how you attract customers and employees. A proven brand is the start of an ideal franchise success rate, but using your own promotional skills sets you apart from the average franchise owner.
Starting out as a Supercuts franchise owner already sets you up for success but honing your own business ownership skills to further your success is crucial.

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