Breaking Down the Types of Franchise Ownership

What You Need to Know

If you’re interested in becoming a franchise owner, the first step in your journey should be to educate yourself on the types of ownership that are available on the market. From owner/operator to absentee ownership, there are three distinct ways you can be involved in the operation of your desired franchise. Many people have always dreamed of owning their own business, and franchises offer a proven method of success when it comes to operating a business. Instead of being solely responsible for every little detail of business ownership, opening your own franchise gives you the ability to be as involved or as removed as you want with the support of an established and successful network behind you.

Whether you want to be in the store every day or would rather take a back seat on daily operation, there’s a franchise model to fit your desired lifestyle. Each type of franchise ownership comes with its own benefits. Deciding which is the best fit for you really comes down to determining what you want your life to look like on a daily basis. If you’re getting into the franchise world to participate in the success of your business or if you’re more interested in reaping the financial benefits, there’s something that will work for you! Here’s a little bit more information about the three distinct types of franchise ownership.


The owner/operator type of franchise puts the business owner in the operations seat. This type of franchise affords one the opportunity to be heavily involved in the daily operations of the business. An owner/operator is making meaningful decisions about most of the operation, which means they spend a lot of time in the store. Those looking for an immediate career change when they get into a franchise should focus on finding one that offers the owner/operator model. This is the kind of franchise that most people think of when they think of owning their own business. You could be spending long hours on-site because the success and daily operations rest on your shoulders.

Another thing to consider when looking at an owner/operator franchise is what kind of income you expect to have during the first few months of operation. Often times, owner/operator franchises come with a startup period where you won’t be taking a personal income. The revenue generated by the business will be invested back into it in the early life of operation. On the other hand, your staffing costs will typically be lower with an owner/operator model because you’ll have given up your “day” job to be in store and working the floor. With an owner/operator model, you must have knowledge in the particular industry that you’re trying to open a franchise in. As an example, if you’re looking to open a non-franchise hair salon, you’d need to be able to cut hair since you’ll be involved in the daily management of your location. Luckily for those interested in opening a Supercuts franchise, no hair cutting background is needed!

The owner/operator model works for people who want to put sweat equity into their business. It’s a great fit for those that are detail oriented and need to have control over the daily operations of the business. If you’re looking to own your own business and want a career change, this is the perfect type of franchise for you!


A semi-absentee franchise might be the perfect blend of all the models. This type takes both aspects of the owner/operator model and the absentee franchise model and blends them together. The semi-absentee franchise doesn’t require a ton of time commitment – about 10-15 hours a week – which means you don’t have to switch careers or quit your “day job.” With this model, you’ll hire the staff necessary to operate the business, but you’ll still get to focus on business strategy and managing your higher-level employees. If you’re great at encouraging employees and managing people to succeed, this is the franchise model for you.

With the semi-absentee franchise, you also don’t specifically need to have industry knowledge because you’ll be hiring managers well versed in the business. This model really blends the control of an owner/operator franchise with the lessened time commitment of the absentee model. You’ll still have a hand in the business, but don’t need to be on-site every day to handle it.

Another great aspect about a semi-absentee model is that you don’t risk your income! Since you can keep your full-time job and own a business at the same time, you’ll have an additional income stream without a ton of hours dedicated to curating it. Additionally, you have the opportunity to own multiple locations, and you can staff them instead of needing to be on the floor yourself. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Executive or Absentee

The executive or absentee ownership model is fit for those entrepreneurs who are just looking for an investment opportunity. With this type of franchise model, there is a limited time commitment because, as an owner, you simply hire out all the necessary functions to operate the location. Absentee ownership involves little to no involvement in the daily operation of the business, so it doesn’t take up much of your time. You don’t even need to have knowledge in the industry you’re looking to open a franchise in with this model!

As the business is operated without your involvement, you don’t need to change careers or lessen any of your commitments. You wouldn’t expect working long hours on site or having to be on call for any sorts of issues. With this model, the staffing costs are higher because you’ll need to employ a full staff to operate the business. However, you don’t run the risk of zero income during the startup period. In addition, you aren’t geographically tied to the location because you don’t need to be in-store.

This type of franchise model does require you to have trust in those that you’re hiring to operate the business. You won’t be hands on, so you won’t see how daily operation functions. You’ll just be looking at the numbers from afar. With that being said, you’ll need more capital upfront to get the business off the ground and hire qualified people to run it. Absentee ownership is great for those looking to make a sound investment and reap the rewards without having to change careers or be hands on.

What Type is Supercuts?

Supercuts is a semi-absentee franchise model, which blends the best of both worlds into one business! You’re able to own a thriving business without having to know the first thing about cutting hair. With Supercuts semi-absentee franchise model, you’ll spend your time working on the business instead of giving away all your spare time to it. You’ll be able to manage and nurture strong staff, establish community ties, implement marketing plans, build income through business strategy, provide vision and leadership for operational excellence, and work with partners like Regis to grow your business all while keeping your day job!

On the flip side, if you do want to spend more time in the store and have a passion for hair care, you can! The semi-absentee franchise model provides the flexibility you need to fit your dreams and goals. With a proven and success business like Supercuts, you’re already set up to thrive as a business owner no matter how much time you spend in your location.

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