Why Supercuts

A Supercuts franchise provides small business owners with many benefits to increase your odds of success.

What Sets Supercuts Apart?  

There are other hair salon franchise opportunities available, but there are advantages to choosing Supercuts. When you choose Supercuts, you get a jump on the competition by joining one of the top-rated franchises in the United States.  

Supercuts has been in business since 1975. Over 40 years and more than 2,600 franchise locations later, we have gained popularity, established brand recognition, and gained a respectable reputation in the hair salon marketplace.  

Before signing on with any franchise opportunity, always do your research. When you do, you’ll find that Supercuts is literally head and shoulders above the rest.

We say that with confidence and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Instant brand recognition
  • Excellent reputation; a business role model other franchises have adopted over the years
  • State-of-the-art, comprehensive training in business management, customer service, recruiting and results-driven marketing strategies
  • Regularly scheduled conference calls to discuss service, retail, and training goals and needs
  • An annual franchise convention for all Regis franchisees; providing an extraordinary opportunity to brainstorm, network and learn/implement proven, exciting new strategies for taking your franchise to the next level
  • Entrepreneur Magazine ranked Supercuts #1 in Hair Care for 8 years in a row and #3 Overall in the 2016 Franchise 500

Your Focus

Instead of learning the tools of the hair cutting trade, as a Supercuts franchisee, you focus on building a solid, profitable business.  The bottom line is that we give you the tools, training, and support you need to succeed.  

You don’t need to be an expert in the hair salon industry, just a strong “why” and a positive mindset.  In the Supercuts business model, we are all in this together. We want all our franchisees to succeed and realize their dream of owning and operating a successful business.

Supercuts has a Proven System in Place

As a Supercuts franchisee, you can take full advantage of our proven system.  We minimize your learning curve to get you up and running quickly. We have established, proven systems in place for everything you need to know about operations, the financials, and marketing of your business.

Long-term Goals

From your very first meeting, we sit down with you and establish your long-term goals.  Whether you plan to run several locations, become the go-to hair cutting location in your community, or continue outside employment for yourself, we work with you to establish, focus on, and achieve long-term goals.

World Class Training and Recruiting

The success of a franchise depends upon the knowledgeable, competent managers and stylists who are good at what they do. They embrace the team mantra of success and doing what it takes to get there.

Supercuts offers a high level, intensive training program to shave more time off the learning curve and get down to business. Our relationship with top beauty schools allows us to recruit professionals to keep operations and services at only the highest of standards. The stylists and managers are thoroughly trained and highly skilled to ensure you are working with the highest level of professionals in the industry.

Additional Opportunities for Multiple Income Streams

It goes without saying that Supercuts offers fast, convenient haircuts. However, any good entrepreneur knows that to achieve greater levels of success, diversification is the key. Relying on one way to turn a profit is a good idea, but having multiple opportunities to earn additional income is even better.  

As a Supercuts franchisee, there are multiple income streams already built into the revenue plan of each store. You can realize additional profits by selling popular hair care products, in addition to offering additional salon services. There are several different ways you can profit as a Supercuts franchisee.

Why Supercuts?  

As a Supercuts franchisee owner, you will spend time doing what you came here for: establishing and growing a business.

Here’s what you’ll be expected to do as a Supercuts franchise owner:

  • Recruiting an empowered and talented staff
  • Building a positive reputation in the community
  • Implementing successful marketing campaigns
  • Building additional income opportunities
  • Delegating responsibilities to grow the experience and confidence of staff members
  • Establishing goals, vision and accountability benchmarks to achieve continued growth and success
  • Working closely with our Regis team to realize continued growth and success

Because we know you have a dream of running your own small business.  Let us help you get there.